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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Can Killington Succeed at Seceding?

In what is undoubtedly one of the coolest yet most under-reported stories happening in our great nation these days, the citizens of Killington, VT continue their struggle to become Killington, NH.

What has the town up in arms is Vermont's state property tax which is used to fund education in the Green Mountain State. Implemented in 1997 via a state supreme court ruling, it pulls considerably more from town coffers in "property rich" towns such as Killington, than it sends back.

Killington finally declared enough is enough during a town meeting back in early March when they decided overwhelmingly to secede from Vermont and join New Hampshire 25 miles to the east.

Amazingly, NH Governor Craig Benson has shown his support of the plan up to this point and has indicated a willingness to present the proposal to the NH Legislature.

Of course the hard part lies ahead. Both the NH and VT legislatures must approve of the proposal. Approval on the NH side is uncertain at the moment and down in Montpelier, the idea is looked upon with disdain at best.

I for one applaud the efforts of the people of Killington. They have shown that they are willing to expend both time and treasure in their efforts to free themselves of Robin Hoodesque tax policies of VT.

(via The New American Revolutionist)


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