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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Dumbest Idea Ever

How is it not a surprise that Eddie Bernice Johnson, my Rep. here in the 30th congressional district of Texas is involved in what can only be called the dumbest idea ever. Apparently not satisfied with the rate at which US sovereignty is being sacrificed to the UN, she has joined a group calling for UN supervision of the 2004 elections.

I am not exactly sure where jurisdiction lies to prevent this (assumably in Congress), but this would be an absolutely egregious violation of US sovereignty. We have managed to supervise our own elections for a few years now and are quite capable of continuing to do so.

Certainly, I don't want ANYONE to be denied their legal right to vote, even the morons that vote for people like Johnson, but I believe we are able to handle this inhouse right here in the US.

(via Corpone)


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