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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Got Milk?

I don't really know what milk costs in your neck of the woods, but around here it runs between $3.25 - $4.25 a gallon depending on the brand. I find this to be absolutely retarded so I decided to do a little research about how government interference causes artificially high milk prices.

The first thing I run across here at the USDA site is really quite disturbing. There are federal employees whose purpose in life is to collect data on milk prices for internal USDA use. They are called Federal milk order market administrators (MA's). These clowns came into existence back in 1937 to ensure a "sufficient quantity of pure and wholesome milk." Estimates are that this adds 30 to 35 cents per gallon for people like me and costs consumers $1.5 billion annually.

Of course this is no surprise coming from a government that actually has a $1 billion stash of powdered milk buried under Kansas City.

What can we expect when several members of the Agriculture Committee are busy sucking the taxpayer dry?


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