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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Kerry's Assaults on Civil Liberties

John Kerry's actual flip-flops have, by this time, become legendary. He apparently has no conviction in his beliefs and is willing to change positions at the drop of a poll. However, it is not his actual flip-flops that have me worried, but rather his pretend flip-flops, namely his supposed respect for civil liberties. I have often grumbled as I would listen to him pretend to be a civil libertarian, but this article in Reason really helps bring it together.

John Kerry has a long record of disrespect for civil liberties:

  • He was a key player in trying to get companies to place back doors in their encryption software for use by law enforcement.
  • He is a leading supporter of Civil Forfeiture laws.
  • He is a leading supporter of reduction of banking privacy laws, even going so far as to say that all electronic transfers should be monitored.
  • Despite his recent mumblings to the contrary, he was and is a supporter of the Patriot Act and helped get some of the most gross violations put into the PA.
  • He is opposed to gay marriage.

I am sure that with a little digging, it wouldn't be hard to locate more instances of his battle against civil liberties. How appropriate it is that the link on his website for Civil Liberties in as broken as his view of civil liberties.

I can at least understand the thought process of fellow libertarians who would consider voting for him on the basis that it might induce gridlock and prevent some crap from being passed, but what I can't understand is my libertarian brethren who would somehow buy into Kerry's line of bullshit about civil rights.

Wake up people, John Kerry doesn't care any more about civil rights than John Ashcroft does and you delude yourself by thinking otherwise.


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