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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Labor of Love

Call me a freak, but every day I visit 20-30 of the sites listed under my Alliance blogroll. I do this to 1) support my fellow Alliance members and 2) to see if any of them might be interesting. This is in addition to my regular daily reads.

The first thing I do after a cursory glance of the site is to find the Sitemeter on the site and check their average daily visits and their traffic for the last year. Then I read a little closer to see why the site gets the amount of hits is does.

I have to say that for many, blogging must just be a labor of love. I say this because their site traffic really sucks. Many in the order of 15 or less visits a day. Often times this is after blogging for several months or more.

I lament the fact that I only average between 45-50 visits a day. I console myself with the fact that I have only been blogging for about 3 weeks. Once word gets out of just how I much I rule, then the masses are sure to flock here. I blog because my opinion could be the crucial link that improves the lives of countless others and dammit who am I to deprive the proletariat of my thoughts.

I don't want to be that poor bastard that gets 5 visits a day, 4 of which are him checking to see if anyone else has visited.


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