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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Of Cats and Blogs

In my extensive travels of the Blogosphere over the last month, I have discovered something. Chicks who blog are generally no different than chicks who don't blog.

What leads me to this conclusion? Cats.

Out in the world of flesh and bone, women think that for some reason we are interested in their cats. Of course we are not, at least not the one she has named BoBo or Cuddles and has 98 pictures of readily available to show you how cute and adorable it is. Awww look...Pinky is laying on the couch arm! How sweet...Mr. Fluffybottom is watching TV. We really don't care.

Generally, we feign entertainment in order to play with her other cat. However, this seems to have had some unintended side effects. Apparently, we have been too convincing. Women don't realize that there are only a couple of things in the entire world that we are interested in less than their little walking vomit machines.

Because of this, an inordinate amount of women bloggers seem to think it would be a great post to put up pictures of their cats. These may be otherwise outstanding blogs, some of them perhaps as good or better than my own, but that are made less tenable by stories and pictures about cats.

At least in the real world, pretending to like her cat can possibly lead to a little fun. Here in the Blogosphere, all it gets you is a chance at a link.


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