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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Property of (Insert Local/State Government Here)

As all of you sit reading this, you should feel entirely uneasy about the fact that you are all basically government property. What makes me say this? No, not the fact that every penny you earn until mid-April goes to Uncle Sam for the privilege of being a US Citizen. What I am talking about is the most blatant violation of self-ownership going these days. I am talking about prostitution laws.

What greater affront to self-ownership could there be than the government telling you that you cannot use your body to earn a living. Professional athletes make millions using their bodies. Tradesmen of all sorts make their livings from the sweat of their brows. Solely because some people have a moral objection to you being paid for having sex with another consenting adult, you are branded a criminal for such things.

However, even this reasoning is flawed, as it is perfectly legal if you have sex for a movie. Please explain to me how this is acceptable to the government, but a private exchange is not? My guess is that the real reason is that government can more readily dip its finger in the honey pot of the porn industry than it can prostitution. Nevada, however, has proven that it can get its cut as well so what reasoning remains for keeping us all private property of the government?

If you can give it away for free, you sure as hell should be able to sell it.


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