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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Second Black President

John Kerry, who is perhaps the most whitebread candidate to ever run for President, spoke at the NAACP National Convention today. What did the man who earlier in the year declared his wish to be the second black President have to say?

Nothing new. He just spouted the same old tired race politics. You know, the kind that basically asserts that if you are not a member of the Democratic Party and do not kowtow to the will of the NAACP or Rainbow Push you are on the same level as the Grand Wizard of the KKK.

I will pose a similar question to my friends and readers of color that I did to my gay friends and readers. Why do you continually kiss the ass of the Democrats and follow lock step to vote for them?

They couldn't possibly care any less about Blacks as a whole, than they do now. The relationship reminds me of that of a battered wife or girlfriend that refuses to press charges against her mate. How much abuse is the Black community willing to take from the Democrats before they will admit that they are being abused?

It is time for the African American citizenry to take off the blinders and start thinking for yourselves. If Bush was really the Hitleresque racist that he is made out to be, then all of you would be standing in line for your visit to the "showers".

I am not saying walk blindly to the Republican side of the street either. Just step back, think of yourself as an individual, and do what is in your best interest. Learn about the ideas of libertarianism and I believe you will find ideals that are much more closely aligned with your own beliefs. Become Independents and make the politicians actually earn your votes.


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