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Sunday, July 11, 2004

A Word to My Gay Friends and Readers

Let me ask you a question? Why is it that so many of you continue to support and kiss the ass of the Democrats? They couldn't give a rat's ass about you. Hell most of them (including Kerry) don't even support your right to get married. They are only interested in using you as political pawns in order to further their own careers.

When will you realize that it is not in your best interest to beg the government for the right to get married? Once upon a time, marriage had absolutely nothing at all to do with government. It is just one more example of government usurping a power that is not rightfully theirs.

Do you not see the how ridiculous it is to tell the government to stay out of your bedroom in one breath only to invite them in with the next?

If you truly want to be treated as equals as you deserve, it is time to move away from the democrats and step towards the ideas of libertarianism. Only there will you find people that look at you as an individual and not a member of some lesser group. Only there will you find people that are not interested in controlling your lives, sexual or otherwise. Only there will you find the acceptance that you both crave and deserve.

What any of us do with other consenting adults is our own business. Why fight to win the approval of government, when you should be fighting to take back a power that does not belong to government in the first place. Everything you want and desire for yourself and your loved ones can be handled via contracts in a free society.

It is time to stop allowing yourselves to be pawns in the battle between liberals and conservatives and to become individual members in a free society.


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