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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Simple Pleasures

I just got back from taking my daughter to see her first live orchestrated fireworks display.

She is only 4 years old, and the pure delight in her eyes as we sat in my convertible with top down watching the display light up the night sky was remarkable.

One For My Politicoeconomic Base

Since I am sure that at least one or two of my readers don't come solely for the hot chicks in small clothes, I decided to toss them a bone.

In his recent study, Deficits, Interest Rates, and Taxes: Myths and Realities, Cato Institute Senior Fellow Alan Reynolds puts forth some refreshing arguments against the too commonly accepted tripe floating out of Washington these days.

Dumbest Idea Ever

How is it not a surprise that Eddie Bernice Johnson, my Rep. here in the 30th congressional district of Texas is involved in what can only be called the dumbest idea ever. Apparently not satisfied with the rate at which US sovereignty is being sacrificed to the UN, she has joined a group calling for UN supervision of the 2004 elections.

I am not exactly sure where jurisdiction lies to prevent this (assumably in Congress), but this would be an absolutely egregious violation of US sovereignty. We have managed to supervise our own elections for a few years now and are quite capable of continuing to do so.

Certainly, I don't want ANYONE to be denied their legal right to vote, even the morons that vote for people like Johnson, but I believe we are able to handle this inhouse right here in the US.

(via Corpone)

Veterans Business Directory

Before you pick up the phonebook looking for someone to prepare your taxes, fix your computer, or anything else, take a look at the Veterans Business Directory to see if one of my fellow Vets can do the job for you.

What better way to show your thanks for their service than to patronize their businesses.

Someone Always Wants in my Pockets

It is bad enough that the thieves and scoundrels at various government agencies are constantly trying to dip into my pockets, but now the clowns at the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association are looking to get into my pants as well.

Fortunately, their proposed directory will be opt-in and large carriers such as Verizon are already opting out.

I really don't see this project being much of a success. Cell phones are one area that people still enjoy some freedom. I don't believe there will be more than a million or two of the 163 million cell phone users that will choose to opt-in. An anecdotal survey of a handful of my friends produced a unanimous "Hell NO" to the question of whether or not they would allow themselves to be listed.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Twenty-Five Reasons I Might Call You a Jackass

1. You ask me if I have seen that brilliant new film by Michael Moore.
2. You tell me that the government taxes me for my own good.
3. You look at me with that “you’re eating a poor dead animal” look as I consume my medium-rare rib-eye.
4. You happen to mention that I share my name with that aforementioned ass-clown.
5. You fail to put on your turn signal before turning into the same place that I have been trying for 10 minutes to get out of.
6. You get in the left lane on the interstate and drive at or below the posted speed limit.
7. You leave your shopping cart to roam aimlessly about the parking lot where it inevitably finds my driver’s side door.
8. You spout off some asinine comment about how I am doing my daughter a disservice by keeping her out of public schools.
9. You complain about what a mess our country has become, but you don’t vote.
10. You tell me that the UN serves any purpose other than providing totalitarian scumbags with a pulpit from which to beat the US.
11. You burn down a car dealership in order to provide the East Podunk Spotted Walking Lizard with room to stretch its legs.
12. You fart and try to blame it on anyone other than yourself.
13. You support Affirmative Action when it comes to college admittance, but not when selling cookies.
14. You stand so close to me on the elevator that I can smell the pimento cheese sandwich you had for lunch when we are the only two people on board.
15. You snort when you laugh.
16. You claim that I am the one who is misinformed as I debunk your tales of man-made global warming.
17. You say you are moving out of the country if “Candidate X” wins, but fail to do so.
18. You blame the failure of public schools on lack of funding.
19. You walk around in public with your size 24 ass squeezed into a pair of size 14 spandex shorts.
20. You sit at the traffic light picking your nose for 10 seconds after it has turned green.
21. You sue someone else for something that is your own fault.
22. You try to pass off a list of “positive” rights as anything other than entitlements.
23. You think that your needs are somehow a claim to anything that belongs to me.
24. You claim to support the military as you call them thieves, murderers, and thugs.
25. You defy any other classification.

A Word on Personal Responsibility

There was a time in our history that a man's word was as good as gold. Unfortunately, those days are all but gone. If you are making a deal with someone now, you sure as hell better have every aspect of that deal covered by a well written contract.

I believe the main cause for this change is circumstance, is the ever increasing rejection of the concept of personal responsibility. People today are just too willing to blame their problems on someone/something else. I could cite endless examples of this, but what is the point. Everyone reading this knows exactly what I am talking about.

All of you have only to look at your own circle of friends/relatives/acquaintances to see a real life example. A good example for me was when I broke my ankle in a freak Paintball accident a couple of years ago. Several of my close friends were shocked that I chose not to sue the Paintball club where it happened.

I asked them why would I? The response was that it was their fault. I was running, hit a wet spot in the grass, slid a few feet, and came to an abrupt stop when my foot meet a tree root. Is it their fault that trees have roots?

Until people are willing to take responsibility for there own actions, whether it be in their professional or personal lives, this country will continue down the ugly path on which we now find ourselves.

Continuing My Climb Up the Blogosphere Ladder

Today brings good tidings as I awake to find my ranking in the Ecosystem has rocketed from #6583 all the way up to #828.

Thanks go out to my brothers-in-arms, the Alliance.

Another Lovely Girl

Here is the second installment of the ongoing "Girl Friday" series.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


That is the only word I could come with describe the performance of GOP lawmakers in their attempts to get the next budget passed.

As they infight over the question of which is more important, reducing the deficit or cutting taxes, they completely miss the obvious answer that both are important. The problem is that the Republican party has increasingly become a party of more talk, less action.

Of course, it would never occur to any of them (perhaps other than Ron Paul) that they could have it both ways if they would only work to completely wean themselves off pork-barrel spending and take a red pen to the majority of government programs. It is easy, just do what you promise to do every election cycle, reduce the size of the federal government.

Alliance Membership

I am now an official member of The Alliance and shall work tirelessly to unseat the Instapundit as the head of the blogging world.

Bitten by Your Own Dog

No one ever expects to get bitten on the ass by their own dog. Especially when they expressly set the dog loose to attack someone else. That, however, is exactly what is now happening.

All of the 501(c)s that lobbied hard and heavy for McCain-Feingold are now squarely in that dog's sight.

Why is it that proponents of increased bureaucracy never realize that said bureaucracy is not a potted plant that will sit prettily upon the window sill, but rather creeping kudzu that will envelop everything in its path before you realize what is happening?

Special Thanks

I would like to give special thanks to Michael King for adding me to his lengthy blogroll.

When I first started this, I never expected to catch the eye of someone as well known as Mr. King.

With his help, I have clawed my way up another 1169 spots on the Ecosystem ladder to reach a ranking of #6583.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Teaching Us the Meaning of Unscrupulous

I don't know exactly how this story slipped by me, perhaps because it was never mentioned in my local paper.

Fortunately, it didn't pass the watchful gaze of the Heritage Foundation last year. They pose a good question:

Why would Texas teachers use a questionable loophole in the law to get Social Security benefits that they are not qualified for? That loophole might allow them to pay as little as $3 in Social Security taxes and receive Social Security benefits worth about $5,200 a year for the rest of their lives.

Fortunately, that loophole closes today and our teachers here in Texas can turn there attentions away from screwing over the taxpayers to worrying about more troubling things such as this.


I have been listed in the Showcase, which showcases new talent in the Blog world.

My appreciation goes out to Simon and all his hard work on that project.

The Heart Grows Fonder in Absence

My apologies for the dearth of posts the last couple of days. I have been busy tweaking this site and forming alliances in order to improve my standing in the Blogosphere.

I joined the TTLB Ecosystem where within one day I shot from a rank of 11988 to a current rank of 7752. I strongly recommend to any of you wishing to increase the standing of your blog, to join the Ecosystem.

I also petitioned for entry into The Alliance of Free Blogs. I expect that once I am approved for membership, my standing within the Ecosystem should elevate greatly.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Puffing Your Way to Better Health

Another battle in the ongoing war over the 10th Amendment will soon be decided. The Supreme court has decided to hear the appeal of Ashcroft v. Raich.

If the court follows its recent pattern of upholding the limited reach of the "Commerce Clause," this appeal should fail. However, the court is erratic at best in making decisions.

(via Hit & Run)

Monday, June 28, 2004

Donkey Stomper

I made a comment over at Election Projection and thought I would share the gist of it with my 3 loyal readers.

If I were Ken Mehlman (Bush's campaign manager), I would strongly advise Cheney to step down during the convention (for "health" reasons of course). This would open the door for a select group of VP candidates that would be Donkey Stompers. That is, the effect they would have on the election would surely wipe out any chance Kerry would have of winning regardless of whom he chooses as a running mate.

On my original list were Rice, Powell, and Giuliani. Another astute visitor suggested that I add Elizabeth Dole to that list.

Of course, I don't think Powell would accept and I'm not sure about Giuliani. But I think the two women would have a greater effect anyway.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

You Lazy Mutha...

How great is this!? I have discovered a new tool with which to spread my messages of love and joy.

this is an audio post - click to play

Not Sure What This Means

The BloggerTM spellchecker that I used to check my last post gave me two suggestions for "jackasses":

  1. Chickasaws

  2. successes

I don't know that I have ever met a Chickasaw, but would guess that most of them are not jackasses.

As for people that could be considered "successes," I can think of many that are indeed jackasses:

  1. John Kerry

  2. Michael Moore

  3. Dick Cheney (though I applaud him for setting Patrick Leahy straight)

  4. Tom Daschle

  5. Countless Others

Kansas Ain't What It Used to Be

Apparently the math savvy 8th graders of 1885 have given way to a new generation of moronic jackasses that have taken up residence at the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Drug Tax Stamp

The fact that dealing marijuana and controlled substances is illegal does not exempt it from taxation. Therefore drug dealers are required by law to purchase drug tax stamps.

The drug tax is due as soon as the dealer takes possession of the marijuana or controlled substance. Payment of the drug tax will purchase the drug tax stamps. Attach the stamp to the marijuana and/or controlled substance immediately after receiving the substance. The stamps are valid for 3 months. Drugs seized without stamps or having expired stamps may result in criminal or civil penalties which may include fines, seizure of property or liens against real estate.

A dealer is not required to give his/her name or address when purchasing stamps and the Department is prohibited from sharing any information relating to the purchase of drug tax stamps with law enforcement or anyone else.

Purchasing drug tax stamps does not make possession of drugs legal.

I can't say for sure which is dumber, this law or the drug dealer that would cruise down to city hall to get these stamps.

It just doesn't make good business sense!

(via RJM at An Inclination to Criticize)

New Comment System

I implemented a new comment system. So for all of you (namely my ex roommate) that posted comments, they are temporarily gone.

Perhaps I will retrieve that single comment, but I doubt it.