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Saturday, July 31, 2004

What Was I Thinking!?

You poor miserable bastards. I just can't believe that for years I have been blaming fat people for being overweight. I just didn't know any better. However, now that I have read articles such as this, this, and this, I have seen the light.

How could I have been so callous as to suggest a lack of self-control and personal responsibility was to blame? I am so sick with myself that I could just vomit.

Every day we Americans are beset with the advertising of evil corporations whose only goal is to turn us into a nation of lard asses. It is not our fault that we don't exercise and eat to excess. How can we possibly resist all the advertising thrown at us? We have no free will. All that we are and do is dictated to us by evil ad execs. However, I am not exactly sure why only the ads for junk food can control us. I see countless ads each day for healthy food and exercise equipment, but they don't make me want to eat right and exercise. It is only those bastards peddling sugary snacks and greasy burgers that can control my actions (no doubt with the full aid of the Bush administration).

I see now that there is no solution other than to implement as many socialist programs and government controls as possible. We must do this for the good of the nation! After all, when have you ever seen a fatass in a socialist country. Never, unless of course it was some bloated American tourist, because fat people simply will cease to be fat once we wrangle in these diabolical corporations forcing us to eat things we don't want.

I have absolutely no doubt that this will cure the disease of obesity. In addition, I am sure that it is only a fluke that I have lost twenty pounds in the month that I have been going to the gym. It must be because I don't plug in my headphones while I am on the treadmill. This must somehow protect me from the insidious mind control techniques being plied during the commercials on Fox News. Fortunately, CBS and ABC don't air commercials for fast food. With guidance from these stations and the New York Times, I am fully confident that we can again be slim and trim.

It's My Site and I'll Do Whatever the Hell I Want With It

That was the verdict from the poll. What I have decided to do is nothing. I will not put a paypal "donate" button on my site. The major cost, ie. the redesign, I did myself. Therefore, I see no need to beg for money alla Andrew Sullivan.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Drinking Daiquiris Reduces Hair Loss

At least that is the implication of a commercial I heard while I was at the gym earlier. The commercial was for a combination cigarette/frozen drink drive through shop (perhaps a unique animal here in TX?).

Their line of reasoning was this:

  1. Stress causes an increase in estrogen and androgen.
  2. These hormones increase hair loss.
  3. Our daiquiris are made of only the finest natural ingredients.
  4. Therefore, our daiquiris will help you reduce stress.
  5. This reduced stress will help prevent hair loss.**

They even go so far as to say, "Not recommended for topical use." at the end of the commercial.

That has to be the most unique pitch I've ever heard to promote an alcoholic beverage. Of course, they don't mention the fact that both smoking and excessive drinking have been shown to increase hair loss.

** This last part was merely implied.

Disgusting, Bloated Socialist Nightmare

No, I am not describing John Kerry's vision for America, though that is an accurate label for his plans. I am talking about what President Bush has contributed to government with the help of Congress.

Take a look at Liberty Vault to see all the increases. Granted, much of the spending increase was related to the ongoing wars, but most of it was not.

What is even scarier, is that Bush is still the better choice between Kerry/Bush. What a truly sad commentary on what our country has become. Fortunately, since I live in TX, I can avoid voting for Bush and vote for yet someone else I have problems with, Michael Badnarik, safe with the knowledge that Kerry couldn't this state if he gave his (read his wife's) entire fortune to its citizens.

(via Propaganda Machine)

Stable for Now

OK...I seem to have gotten this piece of crap computer stable for now. Hopefully it will stay this way.

Girl Friday

This took almost 30 min to post. I hope you enjoy it.

Update: I am so happy that I got my computer working, that I decided to give you this beautiful bonus.

Serious Issues

My computer is having major issues. Until I can diagnose and fix it, or replace it, I can't be sure how often I can post. I will try to have it resolved as soon as possible.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Heritage Foundation Must Read Fuki Blog

Four days after I lamented our fall in the ranks of economic freedom, the Heritage Foundation took an in depth look at the causes of America's slide.

Our politicians better wake up to this reality soon. I am only a heartbeat away from becoming a Hong Kong expat. I am sure that Fuki Blog could thrive in such an atmosphere, assuming of course that those jackasses in Beijing will leave well enough alone.

Discrimination...Not in San Francisco

One of the most beautiful cities in the country just became a little prettier. A California court has ruled the discriminatory hiring practices of San Francisco to be unconstitutional.

Though this ruling is likely to be appealed, the California Supreme Court has earlier made it clear that such programs will not be tolerated. In 2000, it struck down a similar program in San Jose.

It is good to see that some courts can still interpret what a constitution actually says as opposed to what they want it to say.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

My apologies

Sorry for the light posting today. I have been busy installing/learning MySQL and PHP. MySQL is easy as I already know MS SQL. I don't expect PHP to be a problem either. I will have the basics down tonight and be back to posting again tomorrow. My traffic really sucks today anyway.

Property of (Insert Local/State Government Here)

As all of you sit reading this, you should feel entirely uneasy about the fact that you are all basically government property. What makes me say this? No, not the fact that every penny you earn until mid-April goes to Uncle Sam for the privilege of being a US Citizen. What I am talking about is the most blatant violation of self-ownership going these days. I am talking about prostitution laws.

What greater affront to self-ownership could there be than the government telling you that you cannot use your body to earn a living. Professional athletes make millions using their bodies. Tradesmen of all sorts make their livings from the sweat of their brows. Solely because some people have a moral objection to you being paid for having sex with another consenting adult, you are branded a criminal for such things.

However, even this reasoning is flawed, as it is perfectly legal if you have sex for a movie. Please explain to me how this is acceptable to the government, but a private exchange is not? My guess is that the real reason is that government can more readily dip its finger in the honey pot of the porn industry than it can prostitution. Nevada, however, has proven that it can get its cut as well so what reasoning remains for keeping us all private property of the government?

If you can give it away for free, you sure as hell should be able to sell it.

The $64,000 Question

This was initially intended to be an answer to a question posed by Ben over at The Nomad Tavern. It became too long for a comment and I thought it would be of interest to my readers as well, so here it is:

You have asked the question that all bloggers want to know. Can I make money doing this? The answer seems to be only if you have an assload of traffic. I checked the rates for BlogAds on both Instapundit and The Daily Kos, both of which average 140,000+ visitors a day. Then I checked the number of ads on each site. Instapundit makes $3750 a month and The Daily Kos makes $5000 (do to having more ads). This equates to $45,000 - $60,000 respectively.

If you could get half that traffic, you could expect half as much in ads, $22,500 - $30,000. That is still an assload of traffic and seems out of reach for bloggers such as ourselves.

The idea of merchandise is good, but you must have a really popular site in order to move merchandise. So again, we are back to traffic.

I have a side project that I am working on that I hope will become somewhat of a cult hit once I get it up and get some advertising done. Hopefully it will make me some money, but I am not counting on it. I will be happy if it pays for itself.

Even porn is no longer a sure bet. The market is so saturated, you really have to find the right niche and do heavy advertising in order to get the customers needed to support it and you. (I have considered this route and am still looking into certain possibilities.)

When I decided to quit the rat race a couple of years ago, I only knew that I was fed up with all the BS. It didn't take long however, to figure out that I needed to find something new fast. I decided to do freelance consulting. I don't make nearly as much as I did, but my daughter and I stay fed. In addition, I work from home, which has greatly improved my quality of life. Furthermore, it has enabled me to pursue what I would consider to be my dream job.

I have almost transitioned to the point now that I can give up my consulting gig and focus solely on my dream.

So, in summation, I would say that by all means, continue to look for ways to profit from your site, but don't count on it. Suck it up and make the sacrifices necessary to achieve your dream. It may suck in the short term, but in the end you will be much happier.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I Hooked Him

Given his previously expedient response, I thought I had lost him. Apparently, I was wrong. I received this response today:

Dear Jonathon Quincy Public,
I receive your mail thank you for your responds. I am one of the senate that works in the house of rep in the city of Monrovia Liberia. Please do your investigation as soon as possible and get back to me with the information that I require from you. Your full name your full address, your direct phone/fax number so we can proceed immediately with out wasting time.
Waiting to hear from you.
Fred Kings.

Quite honestly, I find myself somewhat unprepared as how to proceed. I was not expecting someone either so stupid or so desperate as to not see through my previous BS letters.

Obviously I am not prepared to give him my information. I think I will consult Rockynoggin as he is running a similar game.

Kerry's Assaults on Civil Liberties

John Kerry's actual flip-flops have, by this time, become legendary. He apparently has no conviction in his beliefs and is willing to change positions at the drop of a poll. However, it is not his actual flip-flops that have me worried, but rather his pretend flip-flops, namely his supposed respect for civil liberties. I have often grumbled as I would listen to him pretend to be a civil libertarian, but this article in Reason really helps bring it together.

John Kerry has a long record of disrespect for civil liberties:

  • He was a key player in trying to get companies to place back doors in their encryption software for use by law enforcement.
  • He is a leading supporter of Civil Forfeiture laws.
  • He is a leading supporter of reduction of banking privacy laws, even going so far as to say that all electronic transfers should be monitored.
  • Despite his recent mumblings to the contrary, he was and is a supporter of the Patriot Act and helped get some of the most gross violations put into the PA.
  • He is opposed to gay marriage.

I am sure that with a little digging, it wouldn't be hard to locate more instances of his battle against civil liberties. How appropriate it is that the link on his website for Civil Liberties in as broken as his view of civil liberties.

I can at least understand the thought process of fellow libertarians who would consider voting for him on the basis that it might induce gridlock and prevent some crap from being passed, but what I can't understand is my libertarian brethren who would somehow buy into Kerry's line of bullshit about civil rights.

Wake up people, John Kerry doesn't care any more about civil rights than John Ashcroft does and you delude yourself by thinking otherwise.

EU Encroachment Takes Another Blow

In a small but significant victory for national sovereignty, the European Commission will scrap its plans for mandatory "Made in Europe" labels for goods produced by members of the EU.

It just might be that countries are waking up to see all the ways the EU has plans of encroaching on their lives and decisions. Unfortunately, don't look for Brussels to lessen these attacks due to one setback. Member states will have to maintain a constant vigil for such encroachment.

Penchant for the Obvious

During my time in the Navy, I served with a guy that had a knack for always stating the obvious. It got to the point that I dubbed him MOTO (Master of the Obvious).

I had often wondered what became of MOTO, that is until I came across this. Now I know that MOTO has left the Navy and is currently working for the International Herald Tribune writing headlines.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Rank Hypocrisy

Can someone please explain to me how in the hell someone is going to make a 30 minute speech about political civility and then immediately afterwards show a complete lack of it?

Take a look at the video from the above link. The late Sen. Heinz must be rolling in his grave to see what his widow has turned to.

(via Annika's Journal)

Stupidity in Print

I just finished reading this week's Time. As usual there is plenty of what can only be labeled as stupid, but this one quote in the "LETTERS" section really struck me as above and beyond in its level of stupidity.

"Moore's movie may be a mix of fact and fiction, but anything that opens discussion on the invasion of Iraq is good for America" -- John Miranda

Hmm...so anything that opens discussion on the invasion of Iraq is good for America?

Ninety soldiers dying in a terrorist raid would certainly cause discussion on Iraq. Would that be good for America?

Another major attack here in the US would open the discussion on Iraq. Would that be good for America?

All of our allies pulling their troops out of Iraq would certainly spur debate on the topic. Would that be good for America?

The answer to these questions and countless others that could spur discussion on Iraq is no, that would not be good for America. The sole fact that something causes discussion does not make it a good thing.

Let's apply that same logic to other situations:

"Those boys may have tortured and lynched the little black girl, but anything that opens up discussion on the racial differences in our country is good for America."

"Sure, some people voted two or three times and a whole bunch of French nationals illegally voted, but anything that brings up discussion about voting is good for America."

"The FBI may have used illegal tactics in bringing down that crazy cult, but anything that brings up discussion about the problems of cults is good for America."

Obviously not everything that spurs discussion of problems within our country are good for the country. The discussion may very well be, but that does not mean the trigger for that discussion is.

Don't Worry, We'll Just Put it on the Card

The latest Census Bureau figures show that states went hog wild between 1992 and 2002.

Kansas increased its debt by 371.1%, while my state of Texas was number 2 with a 200.1% increase. One lone state reduced its debt load over this period, Louisiana. They managed to reduce their debt by 7.6%.

When will those in government be forced to live by the same fiscal rules as the rest of us? You can't just borrow and borrow until no one will lend you money. States have to start streamlining their services, just as the Feds need to do.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

I See Fake People

An astute church goer in Columbus, Ohio called BS on John Kerry and his obviously fake attempt to connect with the Black community.

Although polls show that Blacks favor Kerry over Bush by a margin of 8 to 1, the same poll shows that only 27% of Blacks are enthusiastic about Kerry.

Lack of enthusiasm equates to a light turnout from Blacks come election time. Satisfaction is not going to get Kerry through the door.

(via Ramblings' Journal)

Buyout Stinks Worse Than Cigarettes

It seems that the federal government has a hard time keeping itself from throwing our money away. The latest example is the proposed "buyout" of tobacco farmers. In case you don't know what it is that is being bought, lets take a trip back to the thirties when government went on a rampant spree of socialist planning. They decided to create quotas (limits) on the amount of tobacco each farmer could grow in order to keep the price artificially inflated.

Fast forward to today. Finally, lawmakers have decided to remove these quotas, but so as not to hurt the 400,000 or so that own allotments (only 1/4 of which actively grow tobacco), they will pay them $12 billion over 10 years.

Fortunately, there are those that are willing to stand up** and call it what it is, unneeded welfare.

The battle now is too decide who to pawn this off on, the taxpayers or the cigarette manufacturers, neither of whom should be forced to pay for this. Farmers need to compete on the open market, not be coddled by the federal government.

However, don't think the government is just giving up all of its control over the tobacco industry. The farmers had to make a deal with the devil and accept FDA oversight. In addition, in the Senate version, Uncle Sam gets to continue telling them how much they can grow.

** Registration is required, but you can use this: user: thehentai@hotmail.com password: stupid

Beginning of Redesign

OK...So I just decided to do my site redesign myself. The lovely new header you see is the first step in the redesign. As ideas come my way I will implement them.

Please let me know what you think of the new header in the comments. Feedback is always useful. Also, I work at 1024x768 in IE6. If you are viewing at a different resolution or with a different browser, let me know about any problems.

Actually, I setup a test site to play around. Any time you want to see how the new design is coming check here:

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