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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Impromptu Trip

I finally have 99% of this business plan complete, so I have decided to give myself a treat. I am taking myself, my backpack and as much water as I can carry into the mountains for the weekend.

It is a much needed break for me. Hope I still have some readers when I get back on Monday.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Business Plan Blues

I don't know how many of you poor bastards have had to write a business plan before, but let me tell you, IT SUCKS. I would rank it directly behind having to pack and move on the shit list. Unfortunately, it is one of those necessary evils when you are expanding your business and need to have one to present to potential investors in less than a week.

I shouldn't complain though, once this is said and done I can give up my consulting for good and then I will officially be 100% committed to the job of my dreams.

Wish me well.

At it Again

The Ralph Nader wannabes over at the National Transportation Safety Board are at it again. I thought the idea of a putting "black boxes" in cars had died a well deserved death several years ago, but like all government nonsense, it was merely waiting in the wings for a new opportunity to rise.

The opportunity this time came in the form of a deadly accident in Santa Monica, CA. Since the driver causing the accident chose to exercise his constitutional right to shut the hell up, the Nader lites see a wonderful opportunity to shove the nose of government somewhere it doesn't belong. Many car manufacturers are already placing these nasty little privacy reduction boxes in their vehicles, so why does the government now need to interject?

New Song

I created a new song called "Conflict." It is not very long, but is a lot of fun. It guest stars a few people you might know. Hope you enjoy it.


Update: I can't belive I have received zero comments about this song. Is it good? Does it totally suck ass? I would like to know because I to plan to expand it to at least 4 minutes (assuming I can find more good .wav files to use). I thought it was a good first attempt at a new medium.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Fatties Fight Back

Apparently, those of great girth are as sick of the leftist nonsense as I am.

The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) is holding its national convention starting tomorrow in Newark, NJ. Why in the hell anyone would want to hold a convention in a total shithole like Newark is beyond me, however it is not germane to our discussion here.

The good news is that they will be a valuable ally in the fight against tyranny. In their case, the tyranny of the slender.

Return of the Maggot

As much as modern science has contributed to the field of medicine, it has not yet found a solution to every problem nor a cure for every illness. So what do you do when you have tried all the new miracle drugs without success, you return to the old ways.

With recent FDA approval, doctors have begun using maggots to clean the wounds of patients who have not responded to modern treatment. Apparently they are seeing great success.

Maggots aren't the only medieval cure to make a comeback. Leeches have gained FDA approval as well.

One Month Off For Good Behavior

Since this isn't exactly a family blog, I don't write much about my family. However, I just sent my favorite person in the world to go spend a month with her grandparents in TN.

She doesn't get to see her mom's parents very often, so I thought it would be a nice gesture. It should free up a couple of extra hours each day that I can devote to other endeavors, such as this blog.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Make Yourselves Useful

My traffic has sucked the last few days (yes I realize that my posts have sucked as well) so I need a new gimmick to bring in some viewers. I noticed that when I was in the top 5 on Blogspotting, I would get some traffic from there.

Therefore, I ask that you please press this button:

Hypocrisy Redux

In the most hypocritical statement since, well since his wife's little ordeal, John Kerry calls on Bush to initiate a special session of Congress:

Kerry said Bush should immediately call a special session of Congress to implement the recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission, and he said he would interrupt his campaigning to be there for debate and voting "when necessary."

What a remarkable request coming from someone who only voted 17 times out of 163 opportunities in the last session for a whopping 10.4% ratio or whose running mate barely squeaks out 51% of the votes.

Of course, he qualifies this statement, saying he will vote "when necessary." Wouldn't you think that if it was "necessary" to call an immediate special session, that it would be "necessary" for him and his running mate to be there doing their jobs? You know, like he wants to force every other member of Congress to do?

Education Majors

I recently made a comment concerning the quality of students coming out of college as Education Majors over at Dave Shearon. As it turns out, the person that I directed the comment towards, was not an education major. However, that is neither here nor there.

What I wish to discuss here is Dave's response:

As such, he's probably operating just a little on the commonly-accepted wisdom that teachers "come from the lowest quartile of entering SAT scores." Or, as an even older and more well-known meme goes, "those who can't, teach."

His implication is obviously that these things are not true. With a little research, I located this report, from which I was able to construct this table:

Education majors do not fair well

By looking at the table, it is clear to see that the poor scores of Education Majors is not some myth perpetrated by those of us who are anti public education, but rather a fact. Granted, there is inevitably some changing of majors once these students get to college and work to refine what they wish to do with their lives. However, I doubt there is enough realignment in and out of the "Education" major to significantly affect these numbers.

He then follows up with this:

Teachers are smart, educated professionals whose altruism puts them ahead of most... According to a recent College Board study, their writing skills are better than engineers and their math skills are better than lawyers, and they're not far behind when you switch the comparison areas!

First, he says "teachers" rather than "education majors." Since not all teachers are education majors, I am sure that those who are not help raise the average. I was unable to locate the study from which he gathered this information since he cited no source. However, if you take a look at the above table I have created, you can see that those choosing "Engineering" as a major score 43 points higher on the Verbal section of the SAT and 91 points higher on the "Math" section than do those choosing "Education" as a major.

What does all of this tell us? It tells me that I would much rather have schools hire teachers with subject area degrees than Education Majors who are hardly the cream of the crop.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

John Kerry and Iraq

If you have had or do have any question as to where John Kerry stood on Saddam Hussein and Iraq over the course of the last couple of years, this video should clarify it for you.

(via Musings From The Imperial Senate)